Nothing To Do at DeBordieu

Days without duties or deadlines.
At DeBordieu hassles are few.
Don’t ask what we did on vacation
There really was nothing to do.

Nothing to do on the beaches.
Nothing to do on the lawn.
Nothing to do until sunrise.
Nothing to do after dawn.

At DeBordieu there are no hours.
Check-in is when you arrive.
Naps can be taken impromptu.
Drinks may be served before five.

At DeBordieu there are no minutes.
No clock will the tardy upbraid.
Just moments to tweak your umbrella,
While taking advantage of shade.

No keeping your nose to the grindstone.
No striking the iron while it's hot.
At DeBordieu nothing’s accomplished,
And all of the bustles forgot.

There’s nothing to fear but the gators.
Disturbing their slumber is rude.
This island has nothing to vex you,
And nothing beyond can intrude.

Nothing could be less exciting.
Nothing could be more sublime.
If something else you have been seeking
May I suggest nothing next time.

Nothing to do in the ocean.
Nothing to do in the dune.
Nothing to do before sunset.
Nothing to do ‘neath the moon.

Get busy with planning for next year,
Though nothing is certain, it’s true.
Please update your tentative schedule
And pencil in — “nothing to do.”