I Wish We Could Stay Here Forever

For Sloane

I wish we could stay here forever
With my aunts and uncles and kin
In a beautiful house by the ocean
Where summer never ends.

We won't have to worry with packing
Or having enough gasoline
Or the hours and hours of driving
Stuffed in the car like sardines.

If this beach house could be our home always
We'd gather each shell from the shore.
Music would play neverending.
We'd dance in our flip-flops 'til four.

Give me firetruck parades every morning,
Blow bubbles that last like balloons, 
And fishes that never stop biting.
Each night there should be a full moon.


Rainbows would lose all their magic
Being stuck in the sky every day,
And castles of sand grow more precious
When the tide comes to sweep them away.

Too quickly we tender our goodbyes
For everyday duties to tend ...


I wish we could stay here forever
And summer would never end.